Well, what can I say, this book is everything I love in a novel. Dinosaurs. Time Travel and a twisty plot that does not go where you think it will. All wrapped up in quantum physics!

When Dr. Sam Adams, a physicist who helped invent a time travel machine that has revolutionized the justice system by sending murderers back to the Triassic, wakes up to find his girlfriend murdered, he suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of his own invention when he is convicted of that murder. Sent back in time, he ends up on the island of Pangea, where he struggles to survive. Meanwhile, his daughter is convinced he is innocent and sets out not only to prove that he didn’t do it but to bring him back. What follows is a mind bend of a thriller that weaves through time and has surprises you won’t see coming.

I admit that when I started reading, I thought it would just be a mashup of Jurassic Park and The Time Machine, but what we get is so much more. A.J. Riddle weaves a masterful tale that uses time travel as the backdrop but gives us a tight plot with well-formed characters who battle adversity in a unique way. All in all, well worth the read! Five stars.