In the third Kate Marshall book, our main character is trying to run a holiday park she inherited, while also keeping up with the stresses of running her private investigation business. The story starts off fast and draws the reader in. Kate and her partner Tristan are hired to look into a cold case. A twelve-year-old disappearance the police have all but given up solving. AS the book progresses we begin to think there might be a serial killer at large, which builds to a surprise ending you probably won’t see coming.

Having said that, I felt the pacing was slow, and the story took a while to unfold. In general, I liked the book but found my mind wandering in places. Hopefully, the next Kate Marshall will pick up the pace. If you are a fan of Robert Bryndza, go for it. If not, I’d say start with some of his other books, especially the first two in this series, and take it from there.