I must admit to only recently getting around to reading this book even though I purchased it many months ago as a paperback. It is the first book I have read by Nicci French (a husband and wife writing team), and I would certainly read her work again.

The Unheard revolves around Tess, who is surprised when her three-year-old daughter returns from a weekend with her father (whom Tess is no longer with) and promptly draws a violent image in crayon of a woman falling. When her daughter, Poppy, starts to exhibit other signs of distress, like wetting the bed, Tess begins to think that something happened on that weekend with her father at Jason’s house. When no one else believes her, Tess digs deeper, only to find out that there’s. more to Jason than meets the eye.

Overall, I liked the story. It was well-written, and the dialogue was good. My only complaint is that I found some of the situations a bit far-fetched. I didn’t find it to be a fast-paced read, but the ending was twisty enough to provide a satisfactory conclusion. I will certainly check out other titles by this writing team.