What can I say about this book other than that it left me breathless. In his latest high-concept thriller, Adrian McKinty takes a tried and true horror plot—a family trapped in the wilderness and chased by depraved killers, and twists it to his own unique style. When Heather Baxter convinces her new husband, Tom to take her and his kids from his first marriage all the way to Australia with him for a medical conference, they have no idea what trouble they are getting themselves into.

On a day trip before the conference starts, Tom agrees to take his family on a boat trip to a small island. But the island is not what it seems… obviously. After a horrendous accident enrages the locals, Tom, Heather, and the kids find themselves on the wrong end of a very angry clan of psychopaths with one thing on their minds.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what that thing is! What follows is a heart-pounding thriller that gets creative in the way it deals with its victims. Warning, there is a scene with a colony of ants that will leave you itching for weeks and maybe having nightmares… I will say no more.

Cleverly crafted, well written, and fast-paced, if you are looking for a summer read that will keep you up at night, this is it.